Notes: Waze, Kaepernick

WAZE - Heads Above All The Other GPS Apps I began travelling into Denver on a regular basis a few months ago for a variety...

Is the Economy “Great”?

I had dinner the other night with two close fellow Democratic friends both of whom are more progressive than me to varying degrees.  They...

Conservation Poll Results

  A couple of interesting aspects to the poll on conservation.  The question was, "Would you accept Social Security cost of living adjustments rising at...

What is Wall St. Poll Results & Analysis

  Once again, a nice response to the Jumbo Tale poll.  This poll asked a series of questions on Wall St. and voters responded in...

The Wankerer in Turkey

There was a young fellow from Ankara Who was a terrific wankerer Till he sowed his wild oats With the help of a goat But he didn’t even...

Who/What is Wall St?

This is part I of a two part series on Wall St. This blog post defines the murky term of "Wall Street" not in...

Would you support a US National Lottery with all proceeds spent on the $10 billion National Park deferred maintenance?

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RT @Rbrutti: Jimmy Doolittle died 23 years ago today in Pebble Beach CA age 96
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Hey #TeamClinton in CO you better get people voting #HillaryClinton in #denverpost online poll on debate. Trump up 2 to 1.

RT @Rbrutti: Babe Didrikson Zaharias died 60 years ago today in Gavelston TX age 45
Won Gold & silver medal & Golf US Open…

RT @denverpolitics: The first presidential debate failed to live up to the hype #copolitics

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