Book Review Alexander Hamilton; Kids at Border as Bipartisan Tools

Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow So an important public service announcement. Do not try and read this book. It is a threat to human health. After a...

Robert E. Lee – Tell the Truth

In the last few weeks the greater Washington & Lee University community has reviewed the Report of the Commission on Institutional History and Community.  It...

Big Tent Democrats – Foreign Policy

History and Drift in Foreign Policy In 1940 the Democratic Party would not even rally to support France and Britain against Hitler. FDR had to...

How Democrats Become Big Tent Again – Economics

  You would not know it from home delivery of the New York Times, but if you are fifty or so the best president of...

Saving the Denver Post

photo by Gil C / We start with three fundamentals. It is bad for Colorado democracy to have no paper of record for statewide issues. People...

If you are not on Obamacare/Affordable Care Act, would you be willing to switch to it?

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