What is Wall St. Poll Results & Analysis

  Once again, a nice response to the Jumbo Tale poll.  This poll asked a series of questions on Wall St. and voters responded in...

The Wankerer in Turkey

There was a young fellow from Ankara Who was a terrific wankerer Till he sowed his wild oats With the help of a goat But he didn’t even...

Who/What is Wall St?

This is part I of a two part series on Wall St. This blog post defines the murky term of "Wall Street" not in...

Poll Results – Are the Best and Brightest Running for President?

Apparently not! The results of the last Jumbo Tale poll are in.  We had a very nice response rate from readers and yet 100% of...

Notes: Brexit; Climate Change Opportunities

How to Evaluate UK Referendum/Brexit Over the last few days my February piece on the UK referendum was rediscovered and passed around Facebook and some...

Would you accept Social Security cost of living adjustments rising at .1% less over time if that money went directly to the National Parks and other federal public lands?

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Poll on conservation - would you accept .1% diversion of SSA funding Nat Parks? Take poll at https://t.co/Nrid0ff2bu https://t.co/qaQ3hNezxZ jumbojd photo

& those memoirs are one of the great works of American literature https://t.co/M2xhOYbatF

Need a great #DemConvention - Trump now up 20% pts in 2 weeks. 2016 Election Forecast | FiveThirtyEight https://t.co/xRYHY8LgP3

Tim Kaine Wouldn't Do Much To Help Clinton Win The Election https://t.co/hUzLNu8gad

Great pick #Hillary2016 - pivoting back to center with moderate VP.

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