Preserving Colorado’s Parks and Wildlife Future

After over two years of public meetings and outreach bipartisan members of the legislature have introduced in the Colorado House a bill to provide for...

The Emergent Fantasy of the Civil War

I like to think if I had turned 18 in 1861 instead of 1980 I would have gone north.  That I would have said...

Poll: Yes, Extractive Industry Workers Can Be Conservationists

The result of my two week poll surprised me. Overwhelming voters answered "yes". Oil & gas or mining employees can be conservationists. This poll...

Notes: Current Poll Surprising; Hacksaw Ridge; Stock Market

  Current Poll on Jumbotale I am running a poll on the site - first page of Just go to the site and please vote...

Putting Your Smartphone In Its Place

Does your smartphone call to you? Are you on your way to an important family event fighting against a desire to check the email notifications...

Starbucks Holiday Cups – Case Study in Marketing Failure

I never bought into the concept of a war on Christmas.  I celebrate Christmas.  It has been a privilege for me to learn about...

If you are not on Obamacare/Affordable Care Act, would you be willing to switch to it?

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John Howard is a published commentator and international director and executive in energy, media, technology, manufacturing, and conservation commentating on public policy. A dual citizen of both the United States and the United Kingdom he was educated in the United States and Britain and has spent twenty-six years in business and charities around the world.

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3 days ago
Bernie sanders continuing to destroy Dem Party. Democrats Reload for Georgia Runoff, But Party Divisions Remain
6 days ago
@ericmbudd @TeeDavis13 condos no higher than two stories, mandate planning commission take no longer than 4 months, & insist on some tie to historic architecture
6 days ago
New blog post - Preserving Colorado's Parks and Wildlife Future - jumbojd photo
6 days ago
@TeeDavis13 @ericmbudd Agree, but if you are trying for affordable housing don't follow failed model of hideous vertical box density.
6 days ago
@ericmbudd That plan is precisely what San Francisco did - redevelop into box like density at high prices

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