Starbucks Holiday Cups – Case Study in Marketing Failure

I never bought into the concept of a war on Christmas.  I celebrate Christmas.  It has been a privilege for me to learn about...

Notes: Alternate Facts & Inauguration; Women’s March

Alternate Facts & The Inauguration Since the surprising US election results not much has happened in politics, except in Britain around Brexit.  And this weekend's...

Being An Effective Board Member

Since 2009 I have sat on the boards of four public and private companies of significant size, one relatively large NGO, two academic boards,...

Public Land, Trump, & Infrastructure

Capitol Peak in the Maroon Bells Wilderness Area only accessible on foot or horseback when I visited in 2015 due to neglect of forest...

Predators & Colorado’s Parks & Wildlife Commission

Although I am a Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commissioner, the views expressed are solely my own and in particular not the views of CPW,...

If the Press Were Any Other Business …

Modern management practices focus on continuous improvement.  Every year a company from small business to worldwide conglomerate strives to improve its customer service, its financial performance,...

Can a person who works for an oil & gas or mining company be a conservationist?

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John Howard is a published commentator and international director and executive in energy, media, technology, manufacturing, and conservation commentating on public policy. A dual citizen of both the United States and the United Kingdom he was educated in the United States and Britain and has spent twenty-six years in business and charities around the world.

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1 day ago
@mikekingco And on the car one, some parts of Boulder would argue only if it was electric.
1 day ago
@mikekingco vote for me on blog - the reason I posted this poll is that working on a conservation committee recently had folks argue "no"
1 day ago
Vote in the latest jumbotale poll - - Can someone who works for an oil & gas or mining company be a conservationist? jumbojd photo
2 days ago
If you're open to public, serve it or get new job? Washington court rules against florist in gay wedding case
3 days ago
Perhaps two state solution in Israel/Palestine was a great idea that just didn't work. #Israel #palestine #TwoStateSolution

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