How Democrats Become Big Tent Again – Economics

  You would not know it from home delivery of the New York Times, but if you are fifty or so the best president of...

Saving the Denver Post

photo by Gil C / We start with three fundamentals. It is bad for Colorado democracy to have no paper of record for statewide issues. People...

Why Fake News Grows

  It is not the Russians. It is not just a disrupted media business model. It is not lowbrow opioid addicts from middle America without...

What is Free Trade?

In the late 1970s when I was teenager, Japanese innovation and "free trade" changed cars forever. Until that time I did not know anyone...

Notes: Phil Weiser for AG; Dogs in Field; Passé

I am feeling optimistic about politics and policy lately. Phil Weiser for Attorney General of Colorado Other than presidential primaries, Val and I do not get...

If you are not on Obamacare/Affordable Care Act, would you be willing to switch to it?

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John Howard is a published commentator and international director and executive in energy, media, technology, manufacturing, and conservation commentating on public policy. A dual citizen of both the United States and the United Kingdom he was educated in the United States and Britain and has spent twenty-six years in business and charities around the world.

John Howard Elsewhere
1 day ago
Sure EU is about free trade. Aren’t even about free ideas. It’s just anti-American
1 day ago
I need extra time b/c Robert e Lee was President
2 days ago
You can't understand/predict 2018 election w/out appreciating the role of "intensity" or 'enthusiasm gap." The intensity of negatives feelings toward Trump isn't equally matched by intensity of positive feelings. Watch this number going forward... jumbojd photo
2 days ago
Not hard. Let players do what they believe. I’ll do same. I think my side wins on merits, buts let’s argue it out. Fines, speech codes, unnecessary.
2 days ago
@rickenstrom Well, I understand that view.

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