Bad Two Weeks To Convince Me to Vote Republican


I  voted for Ronald Reagan twice and you, sirs, are not Ronald Reagan. The party he led to two landslides and talks about him incessantly does not understand his political skills.  And all at a time when the traditional Reagan themes of economic progress and a strong national defense are available to Republicans.

Do not discuss contraception or abortion if you want to win the election.   Every time a Republican says “contraception” or “abortion” they lose potential crossover votes.  It is fine to have strong moral views that govern your life,  just recognize fifty percent of the electorate have the opposite strong moral views. And as immoral as you think they are, recognize they have the same passion about you.

Women are serving in combat.  They just are not getting the recognition they deserve.  If the Pentagon supports reform, Republican opposition merely insults women veterans.  This is even worse if the candidate did not serve in the military.

Stop talking about whether women who work or stay at home have value.  They both have value.  This is an age where very few women have the option to stay home and many actively want careers.  If you wrote a book raising this issue, just admit you were wrong.

If you actually listened to Occupy protestors, you might hear that they have jobs.  I spent several days at Occupy Denver and the vast majority of people I met had jobs.  What they were angry about was bailouts and tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations, Citizens United, and the Federal Reserve, while college loans and every other middle-class subsidy was under an austerity attack.

Leave the austerity, anti-tax, and balanced budget amendment stonewalling for the echo chamber.   Prime Minister Cameron in the UK promised austerity would preserve Britain’s credit rating and lower bond prices.  All it has produced is higher borrowing costs than in the US, a downgrade, and a second recession.  And austerity alone has worked so well in Greece.

Sure, Reagan cut taxes.  The top marginal rate was seventy percent!  Stop stonewalling and lead on tax reform regardless of revenue impact.  Do what is right for the country and get rid of the piggybank for the special interests.  And when Grover Norquist tries to count the beans, publicly tell him you are not going to let him get in the way of your leadership.

Reagan was about leadership, action, and growth.

At this point in his first term, Reagan was producing seven percent growth, running deficits financed by growth, and carrying huge bipartisan support.  The kind of bipartisan support that could tackle entitlement spending.  American power was on the rise world-wide.  Every time a Republican opens his mouth he should say seven percent growth, cutting the deficit through growth, and a reformed military.

But the Republicans are talking about contraception, women’s place in the home, “traditional marriage”, insulting women veterans,  spewing disdain at the Occupy movement, and offering austerity as a strategy.  I am not voting for that.



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