What Really Is Happening in Iran?



An interesting interview of an independent arms control group:

a.  There is a problem – Iran is creating conditions for a bomb;

b.  Military option has problems – may not work, may not last, and may play into the regime’s hands by rallying the nation to an unpopular government; and

c.  We really do not understand what is going on within Iran in great detail.

I still do not understand the case for sanctions only without a dramatic attempt at dialogue.  Even a cursory review of the map shows only the US can undertake a military option.  Could Israel really overfly that many Arab countries, suppress air defenses, and effectively bomb on a sustained basis these facilities?  If we do act, it points out how far we are from the 1990s – no international mandate and no caution on intervention.

Every time there is a problem in the world Senator McCain calls for intervention and a huge part of the establishment lines up for it.  Remember Bosnia, which was genocide in Europe, but it still took years to build support for intervention?

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