Moderate Swing State Voter Scorecard on Christie’s Keynote


I know Republicans think that Christie is impressive.  But for me, you would have to be already a Republican to have found the message and messenger attractive.  His family story is similar to mine – blue collar and immigrant.  Why then did he spend much of the speech denigrating Democrats like me who voted for Reagan, GHW Bush, and always end up voting for several Republicans in each election?  I do not believe in big government under Obama or GW Bush.  I believe in hard work – Val and I made all our own money with no government handouts – no Small Business Administration loans, no carried interest tax breaks, no food stamps, no welfare, no unemployment, no government payments period.

My point is the attempt to paint all Democrats as advocates for government and dependency is deeply insulting.  Particularly coming from a governor with a 9.8% unemployment rate.

More than Representative Akin, last night really called into question my continuing quest to find an alternative to the President.

Here is my scorecard on the substance of last night’s speech:

[table file=][/table]






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