Interesting Developments In Colorado Politics


The Denver Post is reporting today that Governor Hickenlooper is now facing a competitive reelection race.  If you had told me that on January 1st and that he was essentially polling even with former Representative Tom Tancredo, I would have laughed.  Tancredo is depending on your point of view either racist or just across the line from racist.  He is adamantly against immigration.

According to the same polling the Governor’s reversal on the death penalty, particularly granting a moratorium that includes a confessed and convicted (19 years ago) mass murder, Nathan Dunlap, is hurting him.  Coloradans favor the death penalty 3 to 1, particularly for this completely unredeemed example of pure evil.

It is an open question whether the Governor’s reversal on gun control as well may be hurting him on the margins.  The poll did not adress that, but the Democratic state controlled legislature job performance numbers are horrendous: 49% disapprove to 36% approve and only 35% of independents approve.  It is hard not to see the gun votes as reflected in those numbers.

It appears that we are going to have a recall election for Colorado Senate President, John Morse, of El Paso County.  We may also have another, but the signature verification process may defeat that recall.  Both these recalls and two others that failed are all about gun control.

Some parts of the Democratic Party in Colorado are now calling on Morse to resign to avoid a defeat tied to gun control.  It’s very early yet in the process, but given the makeup of the County and Morse’s squeaker election victory it looks more likely than not he would lose a recall election.  Again, all the energy is on the gun rights activists side.  Neither the Republican or Democratic state parties are yet engaged, so this is a complete grass roots effort with very little NRA involvement to date.

Democrats in power acting exactly as Republicans said they would on social issues does not appear to be a good strategy.  At best it is going to be a distraction.

Full Quinnipiac poll


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