My E-Letter to Senator Bennet (D-CO)


Dear Senator Bennett,

I received your latest campaign missive on healthcare and was moved to write to you.

I’ve given to you and voted for you. I’ve been a registered Democrat almost my entire adult life – since 1992.

Since 2011 my family’s Anthem Colorado Blue Cross Blue Shield large deductible (7500/12,500) private insurance plan premium has gone from $386 to $650 per month. Anthem has consistently told me it is because of change in the regulatory environment from the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare.

If these new exchanges don’t work and we don’t get a credible option at a lower rate, I will hold that against the Party. I am more and more convinced that the left wing of our party is leading us off a cliff – exempting employers, giving extra subsidies to Capitol Hill, and just being egghead ideologues while taxing the middle class and the wealthy for the latest crony capitalist idea.

On top of that at some point I would like someone in the party to talk about business favorably and stop all the anti-capitalist rhetoric about how all companies are polluters and exploiters.

Some are, but the companies I have worked for and led were not. I’m done writing checks to candidates who call me evil.

I am in part a Democrat because I believe the government does have a place in regulating capitalism with a soft and focused hand. A hand that doesn’t depress employment for some egghead soviet style economic experiment.

My views are regularly expressed on my blog ( and in Colorado newspaper Op-Eds.

I see a lot of parallels to 1978 and Jimmy Carter. The national party and our state party are continuing to gamble on weak Republican candidates to avoid actually leading the country back to the middle – ie. George HW Bush/Bill Clinton.

Remember that Ronald Reagan did arrive and did exploit the very same phenomenon.

John Howard


  1. Great letter although I was surprised that you used “egghead” twice in the same tome. I can only assume, given your standard literay posture of precision and exactness, that this is an indication of your exasperation.

    • I had the same thought, but it so perfectly describes an unfair stereotype of a particular type of politician that has not worked at all or very little in the private sector.

      FDR launched the CCC in 1933 and 3 months later had 250K unemployed at work in the field creating much of the existing conservation structure in the US. There was a time when “can do” was a liberal virtue. Now it’s just theory and speeches – a lot like a really good law professor.


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