Colorado’s Gun Control Recalls


An initial perspective on the devastating recall result last night in Colorado.  My comment to the NY Times article on the elections last night.  I am working on a more fulsome piece on how to pass effective gun control.

“None of these measures would have had any impact on either Columbine or Aurora – you can still own 100 round mags in CO and in both those massacres the background checks were passed or guns were obtained from parents, etc.

I spent several days pointing that out to three CO Senators prior to the vote warning them this was a mistake and it was obvious:

1. They didn’t understand how guns operate or are purchased;

2. They would not listen even to fellow Dems – it was a mistake to not allow the public to testify in all the hearings – they actually turned away the public.

The bottom line is the gun enthusiasts show up for elections and the gun control folks do not.

So to get moderate gun owners like myself to support bills they actually have to work – I remain as a CO Dem open to effective gun control, just not ineffective gun control that last night cost us big and has imperilled a once popular governor and control of the state senate.

It took us decades to regain control in the House, Senate, Gov’s office in CO and rather than focus on our economy we got ineffective gun control, social policies on the far left, and crony capitalism out of the Gov’s office.

The bottom is falling out of the CO Dem party (my party) right now.

We better wake up or Tom Tancredo might be the next Governor.”


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