Where Have You Been or Why Hunt?


My postings of late have been slow.  Essentially, since early October I have been out in the field with and without the dogs.  This is a post mostly about pictures answering the question “Why hunt?”  There are no pictures of guns, or dead animals, so how can these pictures answer the question?

I hunted this year in Nebraska, North Dakota, and high above Salida and in far southeast Colorado near New Mexico and Oklahoma.  Much of the time I was on public land, but I did travel across many farms including one 11,000 acre ranch with a real cowboy.  A ranch hand of the old school who cheerfully met each day and its broken fences or the infected eye to come out of a nursing cow.  The later an operation he did himself as he did almost everything on the ranch.

While I love fishing, it really does require catching a fish.  Hunting at its most sublime is about moments in nature and learning from it.  It is a working dog moving instinctively in cover,  encountering rare big horn sheep or roadrunners in southeast Colorado amidst ancient Indian petroglyphs, and learning from those who still make their living on and from the land.

It really is about the pictures.


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