What is Wall St. Poll Results & Analysis




Once again, a nice response to the Jumbo Tale poll.  This poll asked a series of questions on Wall St. and voters responded in interesting ways that do not strictly mirror the press narrative.

I expected the most popular two answers to the poll to be the definition of Wall St. and also that Wall St. was a bloodsucking evil.

A loose term including hedge funds, various types of banks, insurance companies, & financial institutions that raise money & invest it in people, governments, and  companies.

Seventy-Five percent of voters agreed with this definition.  It would be interesting if the other 25% had another definition or were just saving their other two votes for more important answers.  The poll allowed you to pick three of four answers.

Crooked institutions who play by different rules & suck money from the American economy.

I was expecting a high vote here and instead only 25% of voters gave Wall St. a negative vote.  For me  this was a surprisingly encouraging result reflecting that Wall St. needs change, but voters do not uniformly blame one stereotype for problems in the economy.  Another example of Americans and others rejecting scapegoating.

A vital advantage of the USA in raising & distributing capital to consumers, governments, and business.

If there was one result that should bother supporters of Wall St. in the results, it was this one.  Only 63% of voters see Wall St. as a vital engine of the economy.  While this is still a good number it was the third position.

A scapegoat for politicians to blame for capitalism’s market corrections.

This was the top result of the poll with 88% of voters rejecting much of populist/progressive theory of Wall St.  Once again the American people (most Jumbo Tale readers are US) seem unwilling to accept discriminatory/stereotyping ways of thinking.

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