Conservation Poll Results




A couple of interesting aspects to the poll on conservation.  The question was, “Would you accept Social Security cost of living adjustments rising at .1% less over time if that money went directly to the National Parks and other federal public lands?”

First, the poll was 75% “no”.  Once again we see the power of the retirement ideal.  It simply is an unassailable political reality that Social Security cannot be touched for any reason no matter how worthy.

Second, there was just not a lot of interest in the poll.  This is the first time since I relaunched the blog that a poll did not generate a fairly strong interest.  The next poll is also conservation focused and I am interested to see if a different solution generates more interest.

Another possible solution is that because the redirected money went to National Parks that voters do not believe National Parks are an important part of conservation.  While I seriously doubt that conclusion, it is possible.


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