Notes: Phil Weiser for AG; Dogs in Field; Passé


I am feeling optimistic about politics and policy lately.

Phil Weiser for Attorney General of Colorado

Other than presidential primaries, Val and I do not get involved in Democratic primaries. There are just too many variables. You are essentially giving to have a chance at giving in the real election.

But I broke this rule  and made a donation to Phil Weiser for Attorney General of Colorado. Phil and I are both Democrats, but we are not in lockstep on every issue. I probably believe the AG’s job is more about granular Colorado problems and Phil devotes a fair amount of time to the AG’s role in resisting President Trump.

So, why? If you do not even support moderate Democrats you agree with in primaries, why a progressive from the Obama administration? Simple really, although we sometimes forget simplicity in our hyper-partisan world.


I have known Phil now for about a decade. He was until very recently the enormously talented and innovative Dean of CU Law. He tackled funding, fundraising, radical change in the legal job market, and every other challenge that most law deans failed in the last decade. Many of us alums watched in admiration as he literally picked up a law school in the midst of the Great Recession and pushed it into the 21st century.

It may be a little old fashioned, but I am voting for character. That is why I urge you to vote for Phil Weiser for Colorado AG.

Hunting Dogs in the Field

My guess is there will be two basic entrance points for urban Millennials who take up hunting. One is the locavore and organic food movement. If you do not like factory farming, why not experience harvesting real meat?

And the second point is hunting dogs. I have never shown a person two bird dogs working a field for game birds who has not fallen in love with the dogs. They often take up hunting. But even the ones that do not take up hunting, love the dogs.

It is something about the rhythm of the dogs quartering in front of you. Their heads are down immersed in a hidden unseen world of smells that is almost visual to them. Then, they go from flat out running to still. The bird goes up, then down, and the dog retrieves it to hand.

The future of hunting will be decided by non-hunters. Dogs are hunters best friends in that battle.

Entitlement & Tax Reform

I know it is passé, but I honestly believe Democrats and Republicans can work together to pass tax reform. If it is mostly revenue neutral, gets the corporate rate down to the socialist levels of Canada and Europe, and simplifies the code, it is a huge win for the country. If the deal could also slip in a fix for social security and medicare long term financing, then it is a home run.

It would mean the country was functioning again as it did in the 1980s and 1990s when the US lead the world out of zombie stagflation and communism.

I know way too optimistic. Passé.


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