Book Review Alexander Hamilton; Kids at Border as Bipartisan Tools


Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow

So an important public service announcement. Do not try and read this book. It is a threat to human health.

After a month of trying to read it I’m giving up. Chernow’s book on Grant was great. This is literally the most boring work of history I’ve ever tried to read. I was on a dark path of dread everyday knowing this tome of mindless rhetoric awaited me.

I feel so liberated never to have to open the book again! Hallelujah!

Here’s the sentence that finally did it, “For Hamilton the American Revolution was a practical workshop of economic and political theory, providing critical object lessons and cautionary tales that charted the course for his career.”

Just vapid. Certainly not history. What editor passed that?

I’ve always admired Hamilton and I had to stop reading it because I literally was beginning to hate him.

Two months to read 170 pages. A great thing about electronic books is you can delete them. I’d have to burn one if I had a hard copy, b/c its too bad to give away. I’m afraid I would be sued for intentional infliction of extreme boredom.

Perhaps useful on a camping trip short of t.p.

Why the hype on this book? The first time in decades I had to stop reading a book from utter boredom.  I do note that the oldest Amazon reviews are all negative, so perhaps the musical gave it a rebirth.

The Border and Kids or Why People Hate Federal Politicians

Let me state my bias. I would never separate a kid at the border from a parent solely over the act of illegally crossing the border. Murder, rape, robbery, burglary, and a host of other serious charges, yes I would separate the family pending trial. But not for just crossing the border.

However, my side lost the last election in large measure over immigration. So, I accept that things on the border are not going my way. Because, we were too weak politically to win.

I hate seeing Federal officials separating the kids and using them as leverage on everything from NAFTA to border reform. I also hate listening to pious liberal politicians going on about the problem without doing the one thing they could to help these families.  One aspect of this should be non-partisan.

Every federal elected or appointed official or advocate speaking on this issue regardless of partisan bias, should first say,

If you are a refugee, please go to a border crossing and ask legally for Refugee status. if you do, you can keep your kids while your case is adjudicated. If you cross illegally, they will be taken.

Then make whatever political or policy point you want to make. But first empower these parents to stay with their kids.

Or just keep using children and migrants as political tools.



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